Using Posters for Skin Care Product Positioning

Published: 07th January 2010
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Match your skin care products to your corresponding target market with the right product positioning. Use posters and get desired sales result by being specific and concise in positioning of your skin care product to customers. Exude the best feature of your product and make it recognized by your consumers to increase sales for your business. Here are product positioning ideas you can use on your poster as the channel of marketing communication.

Skin Care Product Positioning Ideas Using Poster

• Product attributes. Brand your skin care products using its best attribute or characteristic. Put as content on your posters the benefits they can get by using your products. You can ad on your poster designs product descriptions and product image or logo. In this way, you create a strong brand identity to your product making it recognizable other than your product competitors.

• Price and quality. Be more informative and bold by putting on your posters the prices of the products you sell or the quality the type of quality it features. There are several pricing strategies you can choose from. Offer cheaper price for your product at first but guarantee your customers that you give quality products. When there is already an established increase of demands for the skin care product you sell, try a subliminal increase of your price to generate profit.

• Use or application. Provide information on your posters elaborating information on then use of your day spa products. Design your posters and the product you are going to utilize depending on its particular use. This idea also an effective way to expand the usage of your product to the local market.

• Product user. Each product has different end users or consumers. Make poster designs for day spa items you produce targeting on a specific market to make your product positioning more effective.

The key consideration in positioning your product is mainly the consumers. The design of your poster print should follow at least one of the mentioned ideas above. You can be more creative by using or combining two product-positioning as long the two can be used together.

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